2008 Christmas Offering

A Letter From Dani Loving Cartwright 

08ChristmasGraphic_180w.jpgWe all know God has done great things. We see it every day in the unique and creative ways in which God touches our lives. The 2008 Christmas Offering gives us an opportunity to celebrate what GREAT things God has done in our lives and to respond by “giving back” to the ministry we share.

In I Corinthians 12:12, Paul writes, “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many; they form ONE body!” You probably don’t think about your congregation as part of “a body” – a hand, a foot, an earlobe, a toe. But your congregation is one of 450 congregations that comprise the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest – 450 congregations striving together to follow Jesus Christ, each in their own mission field!

Thanks to your generous donations last year, the Christmas offering has enabled certification, credentialing and licensing of 1250 clergy and the ordinations of almost 50 new pastors! In addition, we have supported the ministry of our eight geographic Areas; provided Regional programming for Disciples Youth, Disciples Men and Disciples Women; led seminars/workshops for clergy and congregations; offered counsel in moments of conflict and important decisions; coordinated the biennial Regional Assembly with its outstanding speakers, workshops, worship and conversation time together!

We hope that you will take time this Holy-day season to recall the Great Things that God has done in your life! Celebrate in creative ways the Great Things that God has done! [And don’t forget to take some pictures that we might share our “family photos” here on our website!] Your generous donation will celebrate God’s goodness among us and continue the work we do together! God has done GREAT things….now it is YOUR turn!

Dani Loving Cartwright 
Regional Minister & President
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Resources for the Christmas Offering

Click here to download "Great Things" notecards.

Click here to download a high-resolution "Great Things" graphic.