2010 NTA Leadership Event

From Eddie Hammett


Thanks so much for your gracious hospitality and the opportunity to connect with many of your leaders.  What fun we had and the reception and engagement with your group is certainly among the best we have experienced. 

We look forward to hearing feedback and doing whatever we can do to help you continue to contextualize our book principles to your churches.  I’m attaching some webinars, and other learning opportunities, that might be of interest to your conference/leaders.

Our TCP authors offer a customized series of webinars and teleclasses around topics that we write about.  Many conferences and judicatories are finding these to be very helpful for their leaders as a follow up to seminars.  It’s an opportunity for Q & A and for deepening and customizing learnings.  If you would like to see our list of over 100 possibilities let me know and we can work something out for those in ccsw.

Thanks again, Blessings on your day.

Eddie Hammett, PCC

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Columbia Partnership Learning Community 5-20-09 Edition

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