Area Minister Report: June 2008

These past four months have been filled with ministry:

  • Church growth workshops (Creekwood) and church staff development meetings
  • Youth Leader training (YMC);
  • Hispanic Minister skills training (brought in Nat'l leaders as well as personal work)
  • Regional Transformation (New Day New Direction) work
  • Regional staff meetings
  • Preaching at NTA churches:Central Frisco, Iglesia Cristiana Betel of Dallas, Templo Cristiana Shalom, Destiny Worship Center of Cedar Hill (greetings)
  • Area Assembly planning and coordination at the Area Assembly itself
  • NTA Contemporary Worship workshop with Andra Moran
  • Work group coordination and participation in the landscaping and painting at the Area Mission Center
  • Installations - Rhonda Tracy, at Rowlett, and Janet Hill, at Ennis, and Nita Allen at Oak Cliff Christian
  • Special celebrations: Warren Avenue Homecoming, Central Christian Dallas lay recognition, Community Christian Richardson anniversary, installation of NTA Disciples Women officers, Northway/Central Christian's honoring of Feliberto Pereira
  • Search and Call Committee meetings: Midway Hills, FCC-Denton, Disciples Plano, United Disciples Richardson, Rosemont Christian Center Dallas
  • NTA Clergy Retreat at Disciples Crossing
  • New Church Committee
  • Arranging for roof repair at Area Office
  • Extensive work with NTA New Church Committee and pastor groups about possible new church project, and monitoring of existing new and affiliating churches
  • Reinvigoration of NTA Mission & Outreach Committee
  • Preaching chartering service at United Disciples. Richardson
  • Representation of NTA at Judicatory Leader breakfast
  • Meeting with Christian Ed Committee
  • Planning meetings about Website projects
  • Parenting workshop at Discovery Camp
  • Represented NTA at funeral of Tom Huffman, pastor of Central Christian of Sherman
  • Arranged for presentation of New Beginnings program by Church Extension representative to seven NTA churches

These past four months have been filled with life:

  • The birth of Samantha Ann Killman, my first granddaughter
  • Our visit there to witness her christening
  • The graduation of my youngest daughter from Veterinary School as well as her promotion to Captain in the U.S. Army
  • The completion of my own Doctoral studies and the graduation with a Doctor of Ministry degree
  • Surgery and recovery for my wife, Judy
  • The possible relocation of my mother to Fowler Home

These next few months will be filled with life and ministry as well:

  • Visits to summer camps and conferences, and a Call to Ministry challenge at CYF Conference
  • Major foundational work on a possible new church start in or near NW McKinney
  • A website support project for NTA churches
  • Preparation for next January's hosting of  the Dallas area's celebration of The Week of Prayer for
    Christian Unity, at East Dallas Christian Church January 22 with the head of the Disciples of Christ
    Historical Society Dr. Glenn Carson as the speaker
  • The Tri-regional Church Transformation Event in Oklahoma City Jan 16-18 with Rev. Ben Bohren as keynoter
  • The NTA Leadership Event at Northway Christian Church January 31 with Amy Gopp of Week of Compassion as speaker, and an Outreach Fair and workshops

It is a true privilege for me to continue as your Area Minister. I enjoy seeing churches discover ways to do more together than they can do alone. I continue to see the impact of last year's resourcing in evangelism through 'Unbinding the Gospel' and look forward to seeing churches discover the joy of outreach!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Larry. J Ross
Area Minister
North Texas Area