2009 General Assembly Planning is Underway!

Plans are underway for the 2009 General Assembly in Indianapolis, Indiana. When Disciples gather at the Indiana Convention Center, they will find enriching educational opportunities, plenty of mission work, inspiring preaching from Disciples leaders, and occasions to conduct the business of the Church. Read below for more details or visit the website www.disciples.org/ga.

Assembly Preachers Include All-Disciples Line Up

Well-known Disciples preachers will draw attendees to worship each evening at the 2009 General Assembly. Evening worship speakers include:

Cynthia L. Hale, Senior Pastor, Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur, Ga. on Wednesday, July 29. Rev. Hales church, Ray of Hope, has an active membership of 5,000 and an average of 1,500 in worship each Sunday. She has traveled widely, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this country and abroad.

Douglas Skinner, Senior Minister of Northway Christian Church in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, July 30. Rev. Skinner is a preacher, author and columnist. He has held a number of leadership positions on the Regional and General Church level and is active in hospice ministry, campaigns to end homelessness and interfaith efforts.

Sharon E. Watkins, General Minister and President, based in Indianapolis, Ind. on Friday, July 31. Rev. Watkins is an inspirational preacher, teacher and facilitator who shares her skills in a variety of settings. She serves as pastor and chief executive officer to the nearly 700,000 Disciples throughout the United States and Canada.

Frank Thomas, Senior Servant of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church in Memphis, Tenn. will close worship on Saturday, Aug. 1. Rev. Thomas is a scholar and an author who uses his pastoral experience and love of preaching to inspire those who hear his message.

For more information about the preachers for the 2009 General Assembly, visit www.disciples.org/ga and click on the "Speakers" link.