Latest Word from Larry:

The Work of the North Texas Area

I believe with all my heart that the purpose of Area ministry is to serve the local church. Sometimes this is by support - with time, talent, and resources. Sometimes it is with pastoral concern. Sometimes it is with a prophetic voice. But perhaps the best way to conceptualize Area ministry is by how we support what I believe are the basic purposes of the local church:

  1. to build an intentional community,
  2. to bring people to Christ,
  3. to bring people to maturity in Christ,
  4. to enable people to be excellent in worship and
  5. to challenge people to serve the world in Jesus' name. 


Every year we focus on these five purposes and design programs to help local churches achieve them.  2007 especially focused on evangelism through the book "Unbinding the Gospel."

I completed my doctoral dissertation on using contemporary films as launching points into spritual conversations.  You can read excerpts (I took out the boring stuff) here:  Snippets from Larry

This year, 2008, we are lifting up the church's outreach to the world around us.  In January of 2009, our Leader Event will feature Amy Gopp from Week of Compassion.  We hope to have an Outreach Fair at which every congregation can share how it is doing Outreach, and we can learn from each other.  We will also host the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity celebration, with Dr. Glenn Carson of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society, as the speaker.

Already this year (2008) we have had a contemporary worship workshop with Andra Moran, and a great Area Assembly with Luis Bernard of the Borderland's Institute.

This summer, we expect a bumper crop of campers at Disciples Crossing, due to generous scholarship funds made available by the estate of the inventor of Duct Tape!

We have so much good news, how can we do anything else but tell it!?