Bethel Ethiopian Christian Church  Dallas, Texas

Sunday Schedule:

Worship: 4 p.m.
Children’s Activities: 4 p.m.

Bethel Ethiopian Christian Church, pastored by Rev. Feron Woldeamanuel, shares facilities with Highlands Christian Church in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas. The church worships at 4 p.m. Sunday afternoons, at which time it also has separate programs for children up to age 12. Rev. Woldeamanuel has been a Disciple for four years. He spends his week sharing the word with members of the Ethiopian community in the area, preaching and teaching at area community centers.

Children’s Ministries

Children’s Sunday School at 4 p.m., during adult worship.

Youth Ministries

Complete Camp and Conference Program, through the North Texas Area of the Christian Church.

Adult Ministries

Worship at 4 p.m. Various studies and activities in addition. Contact Church for detail


Bethel Ethiopian Christian Church

9949 McCree Rd
Dallas, TX 75238
Phone: (972) 429-6050

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