Church Children and Youth Ministries

Building relationships between the church’s adults, youth, and children is the first priority of our youth and children’s ministry. Involving youth and children in the life, ministry, and mission of the church is second. We see our children and young people as full fledged participants in the community of faith.

Some of this happens through organized activities and groups, such as the Sunday school classes.

Some Examples

In the past year our youth have made great contributions in time, sweat, and talent in such ministries as:

  • The Central Dog Park (maintenance, promotion, dog sitting)
  • Westside Players (actors, production help in adult and children’s theatre)
  • Fourth of July Parade (float construction, decoration, gift preparation)
  • Ministry at the Juliet Fowler Home in East Dallas (distribution of gift bags, choir, visitation)
  • Junior Deacons (helping with administration of worship service)
  • Youth Sunday (entire worship service led by youth)
  • Morning Worship (youth choir, duets, scripture reading, slide preparation, offering, communion)
  • Fall Festival (costumes, booths, games, food)

Children’s Sermon

Our morning worship also includes a short children’s message aimed at children up to nine-years-old given by several different people each month.

Youth Education

Children's Sunday School is 10:00 AM-10:45 AM. We also have frequent field trips across Dallas for fellowship and fun..


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