CCC was founded by a group of people who insisted that outreach must be a significant mission for CCC, not just financially but in every way. The web page under this piece notes that CCC was a founding church of several important Richardson ministries, and it continues to be an active presence in these.

Each year, the CCC budget has a line item for outreach as a percent of total revenue. Once the budget is approved by the congregation, the treasurer calculates the outreach dollars at the end of each month and sends checks to the recipients that have been designated by the outreach committee. The outreach committee reviews the percentages of outreach funds that will go to each recipient on an annual basis.

2012 Outreach Giving

North TexasArea $3,138.09
Disciples Missions $1,129.71
Richardson Network $2,906.32
Hunger Pantry $5,714.68
RichardsonHabitat $3,482.85
Juliette Fowler $2,829.70
New Prosper church start $600.00
Brite Divinity Bldg. Fund $1,400.00
SW Regional Offices $1,100.00
Miscellaneous $251.00

Special Offerings/Donations

Week of Compassion $ 872.44
WoC—US  disasters $540.00
WoC—Sandy $309.15
Easter $220.00
Reconciliation $220.00
Thanksgiving $70.00
Christmas $230.00
Pentecost $369.61
Special Network $209.00


Mike’s Kids 300 boxes of clothes & toys + large toys and furniture
Richardson Network Monthly food donations & Christmas angels


Hands-On Outreach

Richardson Habitat for Humanity

000_0072_180w.jpgFounding church
Provide board member (for >12 years)
Provide on-site workers
Prepare and serve lunch for workers
Participate in the annual RAIH walk



Habitat for Humanity

CCC, through its participation in Richardson Area Interfaith Habitat/Dallas Area Habitat, has helped build 32 Habitat homes. Some benefits derived from Habitat homes are:

  • Dallas Area Habitat’s foreclosure rate is less than 3%. Wall Street Journal concluded that large mortgage banks “could learn from Habitat’s business model.
  • "Habitat families contribute to the economy, paying approximately $2 million in property taxes and $1 million in insurance premiums each year.
  • Dallas Habitat is a leader in the green building industry, completing over 83% of the LEED standard homes inDallasalone.
  • Habitat engages community members. Volunteers contribute over 68,300 volunteer hours annually.
  • Violent crime drops an average of 32%. Children of home owners are 20% more likely to graduate from high school and 116% more likely to graduate from college.
  • More than 80% of Habitat homes are sold to families with children under 18 years of age, giving these children a greater chance for success.
  • Habitat home building in a neighborhood attracts additional private sector investment in the form of housing, retail and services. It’s a holistic positive change for the community.

Richardson Area Interfaith Habitat Walk

There were walkers from all eleven RAIH congregations. Ninety-one signed the registration sheet.  There were a few who signed and dropped off money, but did not walk.  I would guess that about 85 actually walked.  That was a great turnout for a cold and windy morning.

CCC was well represented with 14 walkers!! Some of them are shown in accompanying photos.


IMG_0022_cropped_195h.jpg  IMG_0025_cropped_195h.jpg  IMG_0030_cropped_195h.jpg

Habitat Dedication

We recently had the house dedication. It was a gorgeous day, we had a great turnout and the pastors from each of the 11 congregations were there to present the gifts because it was a celebration of our 25th house built by RAIH (Richardson Area Interfaith Habitat) and 700th by Dallas Habitat. This house and all the houses surrounding it are called “empty nester’s houses.” Ours was presented to the Edwards family.

hfh_1.jpg  hfh_2.jpg

God bless each and every one of you for all you do to help fund and provide for people that are in need of decent housing and cannot get there any other way other than the way we are helping them.

Regards, CCC's RAIH Board Member

2010 Mike's Kids Results

mikes_kids_200w.jpgMark Slaight reported that more than 1100 banana boxes, many large toys, and a significant number of other large items were shipped this year. In addition to the items shipped directly from CCC, listed in the CCC 2010 outreach summary, CCC provided parking for the storage trailer; members helped box unboxed items and helped load the trailer. "Many, many people continue to benefit from the generosity of the congregation."

Further information about Mike's Kids can be found at and about Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries at

Network of Community Ministries

Founding church
Continuous year-round food drive with monthly deliveries
Special spring food drive netted >1000 lbs.
Annual Christmas tree angel
Young adults provided Christmas for a Network family.

For details, see

Hunger Pantry

Founding church
Provide 3 board members

Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries

Founding church for Mike's Kids
DWF annual garage sale generates 50-75 banana boxes of goods for Mike's Kids
Provide parking for truck storage trailer for Mike's Kids
Collect toiletries for delivery twice a year

Juliette Fowler

100_1856_180w.jpgProvide 3 complete worship services annually
DWF provides Christmas gifts and a monthly birthday party



CCC Trunk & Treasure

Provide a safe alternative to trick or treating for the neighborhood

P1000353_142h.jpg P1000354_142h.jpg

RISD Elementary School

School supply drive annually

West Middle School

School supply drive and mentors/tutors

CCC Crafters

Provide baby blankets & caps to Medical City
Provide helmet liners for military personnel
Provide prayer / lap blankets for shut-ins

Lenten Journey

An eight-center individual worship station open to the public

Hosting Ministries

HeartPaths Spiritual Ministries Institute, a 3-year program, occupies much of the education wing at least 1 day a week and uses the Fellowship Hall occasionally.

The Echidnas, a parent & junior high / high school student Aspergers Syndrome support group, meets with professional counselors weekly in Fellowship Hall.

A large Young Life group meets in Fellowship Hall each Monday during the school year. Young Life is a non-profit, evangelical Christian youth organization. It is an organization designed for youths who are not a member of a church, ministering through its widespread use of comedy, music and pop culture references to lighten the mood and promote a comfortable atmosphere.

West Middle School uses the facility occasionally for special teaching or testing.

The Richardson Police Dept. uses the Fellowship Hall and parking lot for their Safety Summer Camp. These 1-week-each camps allow 1st and 2nd grade children from the community to have a positive and informative contact with police men and women (and dogs).


Community Christian Church

1300 Holly Dr
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (972) 234-4571


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