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102_1448_180w.jpgDuring every Sunday worship service, the children are invited to come forward for a special lesson about a scripture and a short prayer. Following this, children 3 years - 2nd grade go to Godly Play, developed by Dr. Jerome Berryman. This worship curriculum is designed to stimulate the imagination and awaken new experiences of God for the children. A "feast" of juice and cookies or crackers is provided. Children stay in children's church until the worship service ends.


Children are trained to be acolytes and take "bringing the light of God" into the service very seriously.   Whenever possible, children and youth are included in worship services.

Junior Church

The older children (3rd through 5th grades) go through a journey entitled The Way of the Child. This curriculum is designed to help children develop an intimate, personal relationship with God, providing an opportunity for them to experience and practice spiritual disciplines that will nurture that relationship for a lifetime.

The goals for this class include:

  • Helping children learn and practice spiritual disciplines.
  • Leading children to talk regularly about their relationships with God and about God’s presence in their daily lives.
  • Offering children the opportunity to be heard by adults and peers who listen with heart, mind, and soul.

Important elements of this environment include: quiet, silence and solitude, imagination, peace, reverence and respect.

We are very excited about this curriculum and about the possibilities to help our children in their own spiritual journey!

VBS Photos

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Go Deep with God! Change the World!

We learned what it means to go deep with God. In Mission Time we heard stories of little children all over the world who raise money to help make the world better for others. We know that we can do things to change the world too! Will you help us? We are raising money to get school supplies for children we do not even know but who live in our community. Their parents may not have enough money to buy their school supplies.

Please bring your money to church on Sunday or just send it in.

We will take the supplies to the teachers before school starts so their students will have what they need on the first day of school. (The list of needs is on the backs of the fish cutouts provided to church attendees the Sunday after VBS.)

CCC Children

Project Delivered


Children's Programs

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CCC encourages its youth to participate in church camps and funds half of the camp fees. Scholarships are available if any youth need additional monetary assistance in order to participate. All camp schedules are listed in the church newsletter beginning in late April of each year.

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GrandCamp was GRAND!

High school youth are eligible to be junior diaconate.



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