Children and Youth Ministries

Children’s Ministries

At Northway, your child is invited to begin a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ. Our ministry to children focuses on building relationships and building knowledge in an environment which reinforces that each child is special in God’s eyes and has unique gifts of great value.

Connecting points for your child:

Nursery Care:

Who: Infants through Two Years
Where: W-101/102
When: 8:30 am -12:00 pm
What: Infants through two years have interactive playtime during the first worship service (8:30 am) and Sunday School hours (9:30-10:40 am). During the second worship service (10:50 am) they use a curriculum called Seasons of the Spirit. The goal of this wonderful program is to ensure that our young people experience church as a nurturing, caring place.

Godly Play:

Who: Three and Four Year Olds
Where: E-201
When: 9:30 - 10:40 am
What: Godly Play is a curriculum which uses a worship setting to help children encounter God through hearing biblical stories, using religious language, experiencing time for “wondering,” working with various art media, participating in quietness and prayer, sharing in a feast, and receiving a special blessing.

God's World:

Who: Five year olds and/or Kindergartners
Where: E-218
When: 9:30-10:40 am
What: This class serves as a transitional class between Godly Play (3 and 4’s) and Live B.I.G. (1st-4th). Each week, the class includes a Bible lesson, an activity and/or craft, and teacher-led discussions about Bible stories and biblical themes on the kids’ level. While structure is important, this class provides the opportunity to interact with the teacher while having the freedom to explore the weekly Bible stories and liturgical year themes in a way that is
meaningful to each individual child.

Live Big:

Who: Grades 1-4
Where: Choir loft, E-212/216
When: 9:15 am choir, 9:45-10:40 am Sunday school
What: The Sunday school hour starts with choir at 9:15 am (see Jubilation Choir) and grabs children’s attention with the message of God’s love. It also makes the lessons stick by seamlessly integrating the three ways children learn—hearing, seeing, then living what they learn. LIVE BIG uses music, art, theater, dance, laughter, sign language, discussion, education, entertainment, sight, sound, cool graphics, hands-on activities, games, and so much more to make the message of ‘living out belief in God’’ come alive in the church and in their everyday

Mid High Mornings:

Who: Grades 5-6
Where: Choir loft and E-209
When: 9:15 am choir, 9:45-10:40 am Sunday school
What: Mid-High Mornings begin with choir at 9:15 am (see Jubilation Choir) and is followed by class time in which teachers use a variety of techniques to introduce pre-teen students to the wonders of God’s teachings. Video, music, interactive activities, and Bible study are used in discussions of the New and Old Testament.

Worship Opportunities for your child:

Children's Church:

Who: 3 Year Olds through Kindergarteners
Where: E-102/104
When: 10:50 am (second worship service)
What: After the Children’s Moment in the Sanctuary, 3 year olds through Kindergartners are escorted to the South Education Building for Children’s Church. During the first 25 minutes, a story will be read from the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum, which is specifically designed for this age group. Then, children are encouraged to create a craft which coordinates with the day’s theme. Children’s Church continues with Cherub Choir at 11:40 am, helping children increase their enthusiasm about church and the importance of praising God through song. During this time, children learn to sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments.

Worship Rocks!:

Who: Grades 1-4
Where: E-212/216
When: 10:50 am (second worship service)
What: All 1st through 4th graders meet at the back of the Sanctuary following the Children’s Moment for Worship Rocks. For three Sundays a month, these children will meet to learn, discuss, and feel their way through one aspect of our worship service. Then, on the fourth Sunday of each month, the children will be involved in the worship service, participating in the aspect of worship they have spent the month familiarizing themselves with.

Fellowship Opportunities for your child:

Junior Youth Fellowship (JYF):

Who: Grades 3-4
Where: E-212
When: 1st and 3rd Sundays each month, 5:00–6:30 pm
What: The main goal at JYF is to develop lifelong relationships through fellowship in the name of Christ. This program serves as an initial stepping stone to long-lasting, meaningful peer relationships that will carry children through the mid-high and youth programs.

Mid High Nights:

Who: Grades 5-6
Where: E-209
When: Sunday nights, 5:00-6:30 pm
What: Mid-High nights is a Sunday night gathering with the purpose of balancing Sunday morning Bible learning and application with relationship building and hands-on outreach involvement.

Children’s Music

Cherub Choir

This choir for ages 3 – Kindergarten provides an introduction to music with singing, playing instruments, and movement. The Cherub Choir meets at approximately 11:45 a.m. each Sunday as part of their Children’s Church time. Ages 3-4 meet separately from ages 5-Kindergarten for music.

Jubilation Choir

Children in grades 1-6 meet from 9:15-9:45 a.m. during the school year from September through May. Children sing and play a variety of instruments and explore movement. This group has performed a children’s musical in the spring and sings periodically during worship throughout the year.

Youth Ministries

Northway Student Ministries is designed to provide a positive, loving community in which youth (Grades 7-12) can grow in their understanding and love of Jesus Christ. Students are empowered to be fully devoted followers of Christ through Bible study, numerous activities, a variety of ministry opportunities, and worship. These activities encourage students to take leadership in worship, on retreats, and within the youth group, as well as to build lasting friendships with their peers.

Ongoing Programs:

Encounter (n. to come face-to-face; to meet)

Northway´s dynamic Sunday School program for youth (Grades 7-12) seeks to involve students in Bible Study which is applicable to their daily lives. Students share together in a time of breakfast and fellowship before dividing into the Chi Rho (7th-8th Grades) and CYF (9th-12th Grades) classes.
Sunday morning, 9:40 - 10:40 A.M. in Youth Hall

Evolution (n. a process of change; a transformation)

On Sunday nights, youth (Grades 7-12) gather for a snack supper, fellowship, mission opportunities, worship, relevant programs, and fun. The group is often divided between the Chi Rho (the name for the middle school fellowship group) and CYF (the name of the high school fellowship group).
Sunday evening, 5:00 - 6:30 P.M. in Youth Hall

Evolution Extended (n. a little more Evolution; Bible Study)

Following Evolution each Sunday night from 6:30 – 7:30 pm is a time for digging into God’s word through fun, fellowship, and Bible study. Participants work chapter-by-chapter through a book of the Bible, seeking to understand the text more fully and apply it to their daily lives.

Fun Stuff

In addition to the regular activities, youth gather for fun events like Whirlyball, ultimate Frisbee, a trip to an amusement park, a movie, fundraisers, and other things too numerous to describe. Check out the Youth Calendar to see what´s happening soon!

Summer Activities

When summer arrives, Northway's Student Ministries kick into high gear. In addition to the normal activities, we add Lunch Bunch, Guys and Gals Nights Out, mission opportunities, trips to the Ballpark, pool parties, and countless other special events.

Special Events:

Mission Trips

For one week each summer, Northway's youth travel to various locations around the United States to serve in the name of Christ. Besides the work, a lot of time is spent eating good food, enjoying local attractions, and growing closer to one another as a community of faith.

Ski Trips

When the weather turns cold, the activity level heats up as Northway's youth take off to the Rocky Mountains for several days of skiing and several nights of fellowship, devotionals, food, and fun.

NTA Chi Rho Camp

Each summer, our seventh graders join with other youth from Disciples of Christ churches across the Dallas area for a week-long camp at Disciples Crossing in Athens, Texas. At this camp, youth deepen their faith and grow closer to God and others through keynotes, small groups, games, interest groups, worship, prayer, large group activities, and (of course) camp food.

NTA Eighters Camp

Each summer, eighth grade students join with other youth from Disciples of Christ churches across the Dallas area for a week-long camp at Disciples Crossing in Athens, Texas. The focus of this camp is on Biblically-based human sexuality and God's plan for us as male and female. Besides great keynotes and small groups, there are games, worship, prayer, large group activities, and more. Many youth claim Eighters Camp to be their favorite camp!

NTA CYF Conference

Each summer, ninth through twelfth graders join with other high school youth from Disciples of Christ churches across the Dallas area for a week-long camp at Disciples Crossing in Athens, Texas. At this conference, youth share in keynotes, small groups, games, interest groups/labs, worship, prayer, large group activities, and more.

NTA Midwinter Retreats

Take the fun, faith, and friendships experienced at NTA summer camps and cram it into one great weekend.

Music Activities

Revelation Singers

The Revelation Singers provide a great opportunity for youth in Grades 7-12 to develop and express their heart for worship. The Revelation Singers perform and minister through song in Northway’s worship services periodically throughout the year.


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