Rockett Christian Church, Palmer

Sunday Schedule:

Worship: 8:30 a.m.

A little church in the country with a big heart and faith.

Children’s and Youth Ministries

Children are the future of the church. Because of this we believe it is vital that children be included in worship. Young children experience worship in the same way as they experience the rest of life, by participating. In our worship we share the message of salvation through prayer, song and study. We hope parents will help prepare their children for the Holy Spirit by explaining the traditions and encouraging them to become a part of our worship opportunities.

Worship Opportunities for Children:

Nursery Care: You are welcome to keep your small children with you or, if you wish, you may place your small children in our nursery for the morning worship. Morning Worship: We encourage parents to bring their children to worship. Depending on their personal understanding, age or other criteria parents my select, children are welcome to stay through any part of our morning service.

Children's Church:
Following the Choir's special music, children third grade and below are invited to go to the Fellowship Hall where they share in their own time of worship, Bible Study, and crafts.

Finally we know there are great benefits for a family that shares a time of worship together and so we welcome all children even during their times of restlessness

Complete Camping Ministry, through the North Texas Area of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Adult Ministries

The Women's Ministry of the First Christian Chuch is designed to provide a ministry for focusing on spiritual enrichment, growth, prayer and faith. The women of the church gather monthly for a MOTHER'S DAY OUT. All women are invited to come join in this morning of refreshment and entertainment.

Our women also prepare a fantastic morning snack each Sunday morning after worship.

Church Choir

Our church choir leads the congregation in worship each Sunday morning. In addition the choir presents a special anthem as part of the service. Although few in number, our Choir adds greatly to our worship of God. If you would like to make a joyful noise to the Lord, we invite you to join with us at 8 AM Sunday morning.


Rockett Christian Church

109 Maple Leaf Dr
Palmer, TX, 75152

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