Disciples Crossing Camp News


Disciples Crossing camp is planning a Capital Campaign, and in response to increasing costs, is raising camp fees for the first time in three years.

Disciples Crossing Camp Plans Capital Campaign, Raises Fees

         At the August Board meeting of the Disciples Crossing Camp, planning continued for a capital campaign to raise more than a million dollars for new construction, including a new chapel/meeting building, smaller self-contained dorms, staff housing and an addition to the dining hall. The board has yet to selet a fund-raiser to staff the campaign, but is in discussion with candidates.

           Construction on the new cabin, halted during the busy summer season, began again in mid-August. Matt Chandler, director of the camp, told the board that he would welcome volunteers to help complete the cabin.

           Generous scholarships from the camp's Potter Fund helped a large number of campers attend camp in 2008; the total number of campers from the three areas served was up by more than a hundred.

           Responding to rapidly increasing costs for fuel and food over the last three years, the board raised rates for camp use by $5 per camper-day.

           The board also approved several upkeep projects, including the purchase of many grass carp, which keep the lakes free from underwater grass and moss and improve the quality of the water. Men's groups in the three areas will be challenged to contribute toward a "Carp for Camp" mini-campaign, as each fish will cost $5-10.