Welcome to the Area's New Website!

cyberman_125w.jpgThis is the first work-in-progress draft of a new Web presence for the North Texas Area. This is a significant upgrade to the Area Ministry's technical infrastructure and Web capabilities. In addition to being significantly larger with a greater number of Web pages (and we hope more informative pages), this new site has totally new interactive features and multimedia capabilities.

When the site achieved minimal technical functionality, we cut over to the new site even though the site, the mini-sites for each of the Area's churches, and the site's private portals are still incomplete. Later, as the site becomes more fully populated with its complete content, we will perform a more formal launch of the site and promote its presence among our churches and the general public.

We are doing the two-phased approach because the new site, even in its formative period, is much more functional and useful than our old site.

This period of partial functionality and content will only last a few weeks.

This entire website project is funded by a gift from the Disciples Foundation of Dallas.